Who We Work With

Who We Work With

“UB Services has provided excellent service and has assisted with meter installations, changes in tenancy agreements, and gas and electric billing. This company has provided regular ongoing support and we would highly recommend UB Services to other prospective firms for their energy needs. UB Services is not your typical energy broker, but an energy consultant with a great deal of knowledge and expertise in their industry.”

Eddie Roscoe – Tenancy Support Manager

Frederick Robinson Ltd

“UBS have recently aligned all of our sites to one common end date which makes life so much easier for us, while doing this they have also reduced our future costs

After struggling with our current supplier for a many months trying to sort a problem with our gas supply, UB Services managed to help resolve the problem almost instantly and have also transferred our electricity supply to an alternative supplier, relieving me of all the stress out of dealing with the utility companies directly. Thanks.”

Martin Evans – Finance Director

Pesto Restaurants

“UB Services are our Energy Consultants regarding all matters for Criterion Asset Management Ltd. I find them extremely reliable, friendly and I am happy with all the services they provide. I would gladly recommend them to any company looking to work with them.”

Vikki Fyvie – Property Administration Manager

Criterion Asset Management

“Since we started using UB Services they have done all we have asked from them. They have worked tirelessly on Manchester First Street Development in Manchester where they have arranged meter installations for many of our new tenants. Most importantly, they have reduced our energy costs at the main no.1 building by 15%.”

Rajinder Singh – Senior Facilities Manager


“We started using UB Services in 2013. They have instrumental in helping us supply our meters and connections. Since we have expanded year-on-year and have utilised their bespoke alignment services. This has freed up so much of my time which has allowed us to work on promoting other areas of our business.”

Chantelle Gower – Operations Officer

City Pubs