VISION: Powered by the Energy Management Centre

VISION: Powered by the Energy Management Centre

The New Way to Source & Control Your Energy

Now you can monitor, analyse and streamline energy usage with VISION, powered by our Energy Management Centre (EMC).

UB Services helps businesses like yours to use energy more efficiently. With the introduction of smart data, we identify exactly where your money is being spent, how to cut your usage and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Us?

Specialise in working with growing multi-site operators

Billing and read dispute resolution

Billing validation

Bespoke energy procurement

Contract alignment

Full infrastructure support with a dedicated account manager (this covers new connections, upgrades smart meter installs on Gas, electric and water)

Full access to our Energy management Centre, VISION.

  Your Energy. Your Money. Our Planet.


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What We Offer

We manage energy suppliers and significantly reduce energy costs for leisure, hospitality, corporate, industrial, public sector multi-sites and independents.

Consumption Reporting – Plot consumption from electricity, gas, water, heat and even virtual meters, and compare over multiple locations, time periods or utilities.

Tariff – Identify the periods of time when energy costs the most and how much is spent in these periods, enabling you to make decisions to shift energy consumption.

Day/Night Split and Off Peak – Shed light on faulty controls or poor working practices that contribute to wastage overnight and during off peak periods.

Heat Maps – Identify common patterns and faults over an extended period of time and take action to reduce energy consumption and cost by seeing the big picture.

Top Hat – An effective method to spot short term trends is a Top Hat Profile, enabling quick decisions to be made early on to reduce excess energy consumption.

League Table – Compare performance across multiple sites by location, floor space or time period to see which of your sites is performing most efficiently.

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