Fix your price now before your contract end date

When your contract is due to end, Energy Service Hub are here to monitor the renewal dates for all your sites and manage the renewal process for you so you do not need to worry. If you are already in a contract, we can help you secure your energy price before your renewal is due.

What happens when you come to the end of your contract

Every electricity and gas supplier is required to send a termination notice to end your contract(s). If you have many sites with contracts with multiple end dates this can be very time consuming. Then you will want to secure the best pricing of course. This can get rather complicated. What is also not obvious is that different suppliers require a different notice period to be given. This can be 30 days or sometimes as much as three months.

How we can help you renew your contract

Every supplier should send you a Renewal Notice in writing informing you that your contract(s) are due for renewal and listing the following details:

  • the new price(s) offer
  • the term of the new contract
  • a date for you to respond by should you so wish to cancel the contract.

In many situations, we have had clients turn to us because they have not received their renewal notice or it is not acted upon in time. They are then tied into a new contract at an increased price. If this has happened to you we are here to help.

Worried you’ve signed up to an expensive contract with another supplier

We can help you even if you have entered into a new contract with another provider. A lot of our customers come to us having entered into a new contract and realise they could be paying a lot less so they turn to us for help.

My supplier and their cancellation period

You can check the list below to find out the cancellation periods for each supplier. Then, once you have registered your details with us we will contact you nearer the time of your renewal so that you can avoid these increased charges by switching to a more competitive supplier.

Supplier Notice period
British Gas Business Written Notice at least 90 days
EDF Energy Written Notice at least 28 days
E-on Written Notice at least 30 days
Npower Written Notice at least 90 days
Scottish Power Written Notice at least 60 days
Scottish & Southern Energy Written Notice at least 1 calendar month
SWALEC Written Notice at least 1 calendar month

If your supplier is not listed in the list above or you would like to discuss renewing your contract then please contact us on 0161 998 7138 and we will be able to help and find out the information for you


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