Electricity Services

Electricity Services

How does electricity supply work for my premises?

You’ve acquired your premises to start a new business and you need to get electricity installed. First of all, you need to get a cable fitted in to get the electricity supply and you need a meter to measure your electricity supply in order to be billed for your electricity consumption. The meter needs to be installed at your premises. You then also want to obtain the cheapest electricity rate possible.

Getting electricity is simple right?

Not quite. The meter works by sending a signal to collect data from the meter operator. The meter operator aggregates that data and maintains the meter reading and that’s how you get your bill. This is a service you usually have to pay for.

Why is it so complicated?

To obtain a meter, you need to have a contract and you want to get the best possible rate from your contract. So as well as trying to obtain a meter you could end up spending valuable time seeking out the best contract rates. There is then the hidden cost of having the meter installed. To add to the complication, you cannot obtain a meter without an electricity contact. Then if you have an additional sites you will have to do this all again. So how can you run your business efficiently if your time is spent trying to procure your electricity?

So how can you help?

We project manage the meter installation and procure your energy for you and we offer the meter installation and data aggregation service at NO EXTRA COST. You are then free to spend your time growing your business as we work hard to get you up and running and save money on your electricity bill.

What if I have multiple sites?

We can set up your electricity supply and amalgamate your sites for you so you receive just one bill for all of your sites. This makes it easier for you to manage and simple for you to understand your bill.

Who have you helped?

Over the last 20 years, our customers have been in a situation where there are opening a new premise, are seeking new meter and new contract provider and they have come to us for help as they do not know where to turn to without paying astronomical prices.
For example, we amalgamated the sites for Manchester First Street, saving them £91000 over three years.

Most recently, Masterchef 2015 Winner Simon Wood came to us for asking for help supplying electricity at his new restaurant. We freed up his time to focus on getting his new business up and running rather than worrying about electricity bills and installation.
If you are in a similar position, find out how much time and money you can save by calling us on 0161 998 7138 to speak to our electricity project manager for advice.

What We Offer

We manage energy suppliers and significantly reduce energy costs for leisure, hospitality, corporate, industrial, public sector multi-sites and independents.

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