Cheap gas supply at 2.6p per unit

Cheap gas supply at 2.6p per unit

Cheap gas supply at 2.6p per unit for your business

We work with major suppliers to get our customers cheap gas supply at 2.6p per unit for their businesses. We understand you want to keep your gas prices down as much as possible.

Secure your gas price even when you are in contract

Even if you are still in contract, you can lock in your gas price now.

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Our gas services

We’ll always strive to get you the best deal along with our gas services. Once we have secured your cheap gas supply, it does not stop there. We have a number of services to help you procure your business energy and save you money.

Gas mains upgrade

A lot of businesses do not realise this, but in order to obtain gas supply for your business you need to carry a GT1 pressure check. This ensures you are on the right meter. This is important for your business’ gas supply as a domestic meter may not have the capacity needed to meet your energy demand. If the gas mains doesn’t have the capacity needed, we are able to assist And provide gas pipes leading right up to your meter. If you plan on expanding, adding or moving to new premises, we will ensure this is all taken care for you.

We can leverage your gas buying power

Do to the large volume of our customers, we are able to leverage buying power by creating a large buying group. By doing this we have secured our customers lower than the market rate for their gas.

Experienced professionals

We have been offering this service for 20 years.

Find out more in our gas case studies.

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