Burning Night Group was established by two entrepreneurs who were experienced in the licensed trade, investments and marketing. They started out on a mission to create unique brands that captured the essence of a great night out. Having never looked back, some of the most unique and successful bar brands have been created, which include Shooters and Bierkeller. This vision has now become scale-able and they are successfully expanding their brands into more areas of the UK.


As with all expanding companies taking on old premises, their need to upgrade gas and electricity to meet regulatory requirements is essential. Burning Night Group turned to Energy Service Hub knowing our reputation.


Energy Service Hub has supported Burning Night Group since their inception with management of their day-to-day billing queries, meter provisions and alignment of contract renewals.


Bierkeller trusted Energy Service Hub to look after their back office and we did just that, enabling them to focus on the day to day running of their sites. This is has freed up their time to procure their business.


‘’Adam and the entire team at UBS services have been a massive help in our business. With us growing at such a rapid speed the need for a reliable, fast and educated professional was paramount in our success, with no stress of our own Adam has managed all of our sites from contract renewals, payment options, change of tenancy agreements, meter installations, electricity board upgrades all the way to basic correspondence and advice on new sites he has been 100%.’’

Nabil Rashid, Burning Night Group, Bierkeller